Membership at SATVC

In order to become a SATVC member, examiners and forensic investigators must adhere to strict guidelines and educational requirements that include hours of coursework at a SATVC approved school, as well as an internship if required. As in many respected professions, SATVC members must acquire annual continuing education and training in order to maintain membership. Each SATVC accredited school is inspected regularly and rigorously to ensure that the curriculums attain the highest standards by teaching the most current, fundamental polygraph and forensic investigative techniques. Through strict adherence to training and education standards, SATVC polygraph examiners are able to attain accuracy rates exceeding 90 percent.

Members Benifits

  1. Access to a selected Directory of Membership by names and geographic location.
  2. Advanced notice and reduced rates for ACFE training
  3. Continuing education programs with a committee dedicated to provide members with the most up-to-date training information.
  4. Certificates for Advanced and Specialized training.
  5. Networking - between investigators and Polygraph Examiners, trainers in the field of Forensics as well as Certified Fraud Examiners.The Council offers their members a platform where Polygraph Examiners can find a qualified Certified Fraud Examiner or investigator and vice versa. 
  6. Quality Control - not compulsory but for those Polygraph Examiners who wants to offer their clients peace of mind a Quality Control Panel is being elected for the Polygraph Professionals of the Council and you can feel free to submit your examinations for Quality Control.
  7. Credibility - With the Council you will have a network of professionals including investigators and CFE's who will be able to recommend you to their clients.